Best Draft Prospects for Triangle Offense

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The Knicks have a lot of choices at No. 8 overall in this year’s draft. No matter which prospect they choose, it has become clear that the ability to thrive in the triangle offense is a top priority. Top prospects like Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball would fit well in any system, but neither of them will be available when New York is on the clock. Among players that have a chance at falling to …


The History of the No. 8 Overall Pick

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Walt Frazier’s suit couldn’t save the Knicks. New York fell to the No. 8 pick in Tuesday’s NBA Draft Lottery as a result of the Sacramento Kings jumping to No. 5 overall. The Knicks previously lost a coin flip tiebreaker to the Minnesota Timberwolves, who retained the No. 6 overall pick. This is without a doubt a tough draw for New York. Luckily, it’s a deep draft class, especially for backcourt players in the top …

Kristaps Porzingis Takes Shots at Knicks

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The Knicks might lose Kristaps Porzingis to free agency after his rookie contract expires. In an interview with a Latvian newspaper, Porzingis was asked about his desire to play in New York: “Absolutely, I want to stay here all my career. But the thing I want most of all is winning. When the time comes, I will seriously start to think about it. Right now I just try to do my best.” Ouch.   But …

Knicks Draft Analysis: Lauri Markannen vs. Jonathan Isaac

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Last time we were able to discuss some of my favorite prospects in the 6-10 range. Now it is time to talk about the less-desirable ones in my opinion. Nevertheless, these players are by no means busts; they seem to have very good ceilings. On that note, let’s take a look at Lauri Markannen and Jonathan Isaac. Lauri Markannen Position: Power Forward/Center Height: 7’0” From: The University of Arizona Strengths: Shooting Footwork Hands Weaknesses: Strength (upper body) …

Knicks’ Young Players Keeping the Triangle Offense Alive

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Despite the abysmal season that the New York Knicks have had, there still lies some hope. Even though the Knicks lost to the Memphis Grizzlies Friday night, it wasn’t due to lack of effort. The 101-88 score doesn’t indicate the spirit and fight that the players exerted on the court. The real point though – the hope lies within the younger players. We have something to watch as the season ends. I’m gonna say this right now. …

Knicks Draft Analysis: Prospects De’Aaron Fox, Malik Monk and Frank Ntilikina

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Now for those of you who can’t tell by now (for reasons unknown to me), it has been a mightily disappointing season for the New York Knickerbockers; whether it’s Phil Jackson posting cryptic tweets, Derrick Rose not showing up for a game, or Charles Oakley being arrested, this season has been a disaster. Nonetheless, one reason for optimism is that the Knicks will almost certainly be in the lottery with a top 10 Pick, as of …


The Knicks Fix Podcast (Draft Edition): Malik Monk Over Frank Ntilikina

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The Knicks will likely have a draft pick in the 6-8 range. The question is… do you prefer Kentucky guard Malik Monk or Frenchmen Frank Ntilikina? Find below my argument for Monk, the player who in my eyes, carries the most potential out of the two guards.


A Closer Look at the Knicks’ Decision Making

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Has anyone noticed that with 75% of Knicks fans, the conversations never revolve around the current roster but the future one? Most say, “next year we’re going to sign or trade for  _______ (fill in the blank), and be a playoff contender”. It seems that fans always look for the greener grass, but the projections never meet the reality. So, on that note, let’s walk through all of the big trades and signings that the Knicks have made …


The Carmelo Anthony Era Is Coming to An End

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Honestly, Knicks games these days are pretty boring to watch. In fact, when I watch the orange and blue I’m more so rooting for losses than wins. Yes folks, I am a proud member of #teamtank. But forget that – wanting to tank goes to show just how appalling this season has been. But as it turns out, it is a million times worse for Carmelo Anthony, who seems to be playing his last games in New …

The New York Knicks WB: Warn A Brother!

The New York Knicks WB: Warn A Brother!

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I just saw the new WB trailer for Justice League.  It looks hot!  But for some reason it made me think about the Knicks front office and the old animated movie, “Justice League: The New Frontier.”  As this season comes to a close, it is clear that we are a rebuilding team.  It’s way past time that the executives who constructed this year’s team answer a question: Was this the plan from the start?  If …

Sometimes Sloppy Joes Need More Seasoning!

Sometimes a Sloppy Joe Just Needs More Seasoning!

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No one can argue that at times this team performs like a can of Sloppy Joes.  We’ve seen it time and time and time again this season.  These Sloppy Joes start slow, execute horrible defense, consistently play “ketchup”, and they DON’T KNOW HOW to close out games.  There’s a perfectly sound reason for it.  Injuries and questionable coaching aside, you can chalk a lot of it up to youthful inexperience.  We have a rebuild going …

Game Day Meme: Melo10K is Still the Man!

Game Day Meme: Melo10K is Still the Man!

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Apologies for not crafting a Game Day Meme for a while as my focus has been on my family situation.  My lovely wife is home (again) and pretty much out of the woods, but now the tough therapy begins.  As many of you have said, “this is truly bigger than basketball.”  GiGi and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your prayers, DMs and well wishes.  It really meant a lot…you guys …